Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Trade Mad Dog, get blown out

There are already enough comments on the Cubs trade of Greg Maddux around Cub Blog Army. Sure, I would have loved to get more, but folks let me tell you "We are run by idiots."
Did anybody really thing we would make a good move? At this point I knew that something like this would happen. Is Cesar Izturis going to lead the Cubs to the promise land? Ha, we know that he is Alex Gonzalez Part 2. The Cubs problems are so big that any trade this deadline would not help us. Jim Hendry wants to win now and he couldn't take more prospects, so he thought he might sure up the defense.
The biggest problem for the Cubs now is the pitching rotation and not the lineup. The Cubs have only one pitcher they count. We might as well count of the kid from "Rookie of the Year." The Cubs have a broken down Mark Prior, two erratic rookies in Sean Marshall and Carlos Marmol and a host of other guys. So I don't see the logic in bringing a glove guy on a team that has no pitching.
It is hard to really think about it. Two years ago, pitching was the face of the Cubs. Now flash forward and the Cubs have less pitching than the Devil Rays.