Monday, July 24, 2006

Where do we go from here?

The question is in front of Jim Hendry right now. Where do the Cubs go from here? The talks say the firesale will not happen, but I guess that Todd Walker is keeping a travel bag ready for the call any time now.
The Cubs do have some real pieces in place, but the likes of Mark Prior will hold the Cubs back. It is time to start looking at new pitching for the 2007. The Cubs need at least two starters, but I think three starters would be even better. The only stable starter we have is Carlos Zambrano. After that it is all up in the air. Sean Marshall and Carlos Marmol still need some major work. Rich Hill is the proof that a AAAA pitcher does actually exist.

I was reading Phil Rogers today and he suggets that the Cubs could go after Alex Rodriguez. I find it hard to believe, but you never know. I think a player like A-Rod is far from our major problem, but the lack of focus at the plate up and down the lineup. We shall see in the end.

Hopefully I will have more to talk about soon.