Monday, May 05, 2003

I am on the DL, but Cubs Win

It has been a different kind of weekend. First the Cubs blow a lead yesterday, but today come from behind. Alex comes through with a game winning home run and Cubs are still in first place with the Cards.

Oh yeah, I am out with a ankle injury. It was a freak one to top it off. I was out watching golf, even tough later in my life the Story will be that I was playing basketball and I hit the game winning shot, but for the time being the truth will do. I was just walking down a hill when I rolled my ankle. Now I am on crutches for the next week because I can not walk. I will write through the pain. Mainly because I am on pain killers, but now back to the game.

I only caught the last three innings today, because of the trip to the doctor. The bullpen looked much better today. I was on the phone with my brother in the 10th and we were saying it is time for an Alex walk-off home run. A second later our wish came true. I then looked up and said "I would like a million dollars," but just like in Dogma that wish was not granted.

The Cubs are now 18-13 and look ahead to the Brewers. The last two seasons the Brew Crew has caused all kinds of problems and Cubs need to play well against the lower teams. After this series the Cubs will face the Cards. What a great series it could be if the Cubs and Cards are tied for first. There is still too much baseball to play, but Cubs seem to moving foward.

I am getting drousy now and pain is wearing off.