Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Cubs Win Game One

Ok is anyone else shocked at the runs the last two games. In 8 innings the Cubs put up 18 runs, now granted the 9 from Sunday did not count.

It looks like putting Mark back in the leadoff spot helped. He went 4/5 today with a walk. When the leadoff man is on it really helps.

Alou's slump is over. He is hitting everything in site. Even excuse me check swings are going for hits. O'Leary is making use of his everyday playing time. His HR yesterday did not count, but today's did. Prior looked really rough tonight, but he worked out of some jams and picked up his 5 win.

The Cubs have 3 left with the Brewers and then 4 with the Cards. These next few weeks will decide if the Cubs are contenders or pretenders(to steal a segment from ESPN). Right now with the pitching, I would have to say contender, but the hitting must continue to score runs.

There is a real problem with Clement right now. Even tough yesterday did not count, he has been rocked in two straight starts. The Cubs need him to anchor down the staff. It may be time to switch Clement and Prior in the pitching order. Maybe that could help. The Cubs lead 1.5 over the Astros and a full 2 games over the Cards. At 21-16 the Cubs continue to play average baseball, but they really need to string some runs together.

Sorry about the lack of posts over the weekend. I was enjoying my limited break from School. I have started the summer term now, but only have one class. Updates will come more often now and I will continue to follow the Cubs.

Estes goes to the hill tomorrow. This will be a real test for Shawn. He has not pitched well on the road this season and a good outing here could really help him and the Cubs. Of course if the Cubs score 11 again that would help also.