Saturday, June 14, 2003

Cubs Split First Two Games

Right now I am sitting at the free High-Speed Internet computer at the Sky Dome Hotel.

I will have to say Toronto for the most part is a very nice city, but Sky Dome will not crack the top 10 in Stadiums I have visited. Now to the Games.

Friday Night

How ugly could a game get. The Cubs get the bases loaded in the first inning on 3 singles and get nothing out of it. The only positive was "Wavin" Kim did not run us out of the inning. I thought for sure he would send Alex home from 2B, but he held him up.

Kerry Wood was Solo Homered to Death. I heard a quote later that had him saying he would give up solo HR's all day and take his chances. I only caught a second of the interview on Candian TV, but I would have to say that he needs to keep the ball in the park.

The Offense was really bad. At one point the Cubs had 10 Hits and no runs, and It was not until the 9th that they got an extra base and finally scored a run. Kelvim Escobar was lights out after the 3rd inning. He got the K's when he needed.


What a difference a day makes. The Cubs came out in style today. Ramon walked after David Kelton struke out. Then Patterson singled to right. I thought it would be more of the same from Friday, but Alou wanted to stretch the legs for a Triple to clears the bases. He should of been out at Third, but the throw hit him in the back and he scored because of it. The Cubs got one more in the second, and never really got another good chance in the game to score.

More bad base running when Karros tried to leg a double, but it was played great by the LF.

Prior was lights out the first two innings. He struck out the first 5 he faced and did not allow an ER in the game. Two Runs came home on a Delgado HR after the Karros error at first base. The Bullpen was great in relief. Joe Borowski had me scared, but he pitched around Delgado and got the save. Prior now has 8 wins on the year.

I will be on the plane tomorrow as Estes faces Lidle in the rubber match. The Cubs need to win to get back to 9 games over .500 and remain in first alone.

That's right the Astros have dropped two straight and now the Cubs are up 1 game over them and 2 over the Cardinals. The Reds are 3.5 back and the Cubs head there Monday for a 4 game set.