Thursday, June 12, 2003

Hello SARS

I am off to Toronto tomorrow to see the Cubs vs. Jays play Friday and Saturday. Little did I know that I would be putting my life in danger to see the Cubs play when I bought my tickets. I try to make one road series a year, because I would like to see a game in every ballpark. This will be #15 on the quest and it should be fun, considering I do not come down with SARS. I am happy to know that I drew Prior and Wood for my two games, and the Cubs are going to need it. Carlos Delgado is just a RBI machine. He is already over 70 RBI on the year and if you missed the highlights, last night he hit a ball off the center field glass.

I will try to post something before I leave on Friday and I am taking my laptop, so I may write something while I am in Toronto. I am staying at the Sky Dome Hotel, so that should be nice. Last year I actually by chance stayed at the team hotel and picked up some autographs. Most of the players were very nice, except Todd Hundley who had to take time to smoke.

Anybody visited Toronto? The only reason I go on these trips is to see the ballparks. If you have any suggestions on where I should go eat or visit, just drop me a line or leave something in the comment box.