Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Mother Nature Strikes and No Lenny Yeah!!!

The Cubs are up 7-6 right now and then the rain hit. Joe Borowski has looked a little rough his last few outings, but tonight he got the job done. His strike out before the Ump called for the tarp was huge. I was starting to think that Joe should make way, but he pulls this out of his hat.

If you did not get enough Lenny Bashing today, be sure and check out Brain Carstens' The [Untitled] Cubs Page. He gives you even more reason to just to say no to Lenny.

How about tonight David Kelton picks up a couple of hits, but misplays a ball that cost the Cubs 2 runs. He was really flying down the line on a few plays.

The best news of the night. No Lenny!! Tom Goodwin is just as bad, but even the sun shines are some people everyday. He played well tonight, but I still think he needs to go.

Lets see if the rain stops, but I would be fine with a called game at this point.

UPDATE 11:02 P.M.

Cubs win and they now have a 4 game winning streak. I though Joe would not come out for the 9th, but I was wrong. He was very sharp. He almost picked off Melvin Mora to end the game tonight. I think he could stay the closer for at least a couple more weeks. I thought the game would be called, but the Umps waited and they finished.

Tomorrow night has Carlos Zambrano and Rick Helling go to the mound. The Cubs are looking for the first sweep since the Brewers. One other note the cubs are now 18-12 on the road. They seem to like the road this year, which is a very good sign.

How about the Houston Astros. A combined 6 pitcher no hit game against the Yanks. I bet the Boss is steaming mad after this game. Only one ball really had a shot for a hit and Berkman came up with a great play. The Cubs keep pace with the Astros and they are % points up in the standings.