Wednesday, June 22, 2005

MLB Standings - MLB - MLB Standings

Sorry for the long down time between posts, but between singing in weddings and work it had been a little tougher than usual. I was checking the standings today and there was not surprise when I looked and saw the Cubs eight games back of the hated cardinals, but the big shocker is the fact the Cubs are only one game back of the Philadelphia for the Wild Card. It is getting close to All-Star time and the Cubs have a real chance again.
This is year has been tough on me. For the first time I have not had much time to watch the Cubs. Also being a sports writer some times makes me actually watch less sports, but our Cubs are still in a race.
Hopefully, like the year I was in Europe, I will still find time to catch a couple games a week. With what I have seen this year there is no reason we should be in any race. They got my hopes up after that great road trip, only to see them fall apart against the Yankees and Marlins. But here we are closing in on July with a real chase.
If we get healthy then the sky is the limit. We all know about heartache, but how about a playoff run when we least expect it?
I know nothing brightens my day like a white flag. Let us hope that there are many white days left his summer.