Thursday, June 12, 2008

Live Game Log: Post Soriano

Hello, everybody. It's been some time, since I have posted. Since the last post, school has ended. The Cubs have been on fire, and oh yeah....I got married.

Stay tuned for a running log of today's game. Not sure if I'm going to watch the WGN broadcast in SD, or th Braves broadcast in HDTV, I guess we will see.

Pregame: I'm all for gimics, but the whole black and white thing is a little odd. I might have to watch a little of the Braves broadcast today to get through the first few innings, and I just hate watching in SD.

Top 1: The question of the day is anybody going to get hit? I say no, unless there is a blowout.

Ok, the camera angles and no replays on the WGN broadcast. I understand this is a throwback to WGN, but no replays is a little rough. Big Z. got two quick outs, but Chipper Jones gets an infield hit. You have to get a few of those to hit .400 and that was a gift as Derosa, Lee and Zambrano all went for the ball. Stil. Z gets out of it and game is 0-0

Bottom 1: Two quick outs, but Derrek Lee is battling with a 2-2 count. He has fouled off like 5 or so pitches. Doesn't pay off in this inning, but it might down the road. 0-0 after 1.

Top 2:
Zambrano gets ahead of Francour, but he hits it up the bleachers in left to give the Braves a 2-0 lead after 1 and a half.

Bottom 2: Braves already have four hits on Z, including a hit by Tim Hudson.