Saturday, August 04, 2007

Well, back to second place

Nothing better than waking up and finding out that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are calling today's game.

Top of the 1st:
Ted Lilly back on the mound today and the Cubs need him to go deep in the game after our starters have thrown about 12 innings in the past three games.

Here we go and a strike for Lilly. A key today will continue to keep Jose Reyes off the bases, but that is pretty standard to each team you face.

Ok, is anybody else sick of hearing about the fight and Lou's tirade? I know I am, because it might have helped the first week ago, but now the Cubs are just playing well.

Lilly got screwed, because he had Wright struck out. That is the second day in a row that David Wright should have been retired on strikes, but the ump didn't see it. Then, Carlos Delgado cued a ball to the left side of the infield. Lilly gets out of it after freezing Moises Alou with a curve ball.

Bottom of the 1st:
Well, not a great start for the home team after a quick 1-2-3 to end the first against John Maine.

Top 2:
Lilly bounces back in the second inning with a quick 1-2-3 inning.

Bottom 2: Damn, Aramis is robbed at the wall after Damian Easly crashes into the ivy to make the catch. The Cubs don't do any real damage and Maine cruises again. 0-0 after two.

Top 3: Ok, one record down. Good i don't have to hear about A-Rod for the next three weeks. As for the Cubs, Mark DeRosa saves the day with a great grab to keep the game 0-0.

Bottom 3: Jones breaks up Maine's no-no with a double to right to start the third. As much as i've been down on Jones this year, of late, he has played well. Wow, Maine doesn't do him any favors by walking Jason Kendall to put twon with no outs.

Here comes a bunt, but Lilly bunts it too hard and Jones is retired at third.

"The Riot" beats out an infield single to give the Cubs a 1-0 lead. Maine wants no piece of D-Lee and the bases are loaded. Uh-Oh...Maine walks Ramirez to make it 2-0. Wow, Maine is coming unglued after hitting Cliff Floyd to make it 3-0. DeRosa comes through with a single to left and the Cubs lead 5-0. Make it 6-0 after Jones gets his second hit of the inning. Exit stage left Mr. Maine.

AT&T: A great commercial with Roger Clemons. Check it out if you get a chance.

The Cubs don't score again, but lead 6-0 after three.

Top 4: Alouoooooo.....homers to make it 6-1. Lilly still looks strong and the Cubs are rolling.

Bottom 4: Cubs go 1-2-3.....That's fine if Lilly comes out and does it himself.

Top 5: Lilly catches a break after Aaaron Sele bunts a ball foul for a strikeout. This is a key inning for Lilly. Right now the Cubs are up five, but a couple of hits and the Mets are right back in this game.

That being said, Reyes pops a ball up to second. Louis Castillo bloops a ball to center, but David Wright grounds out to first and the Cubs still lead 6-1.

Bottom 5: A-Ram fights off a breaking ball for a double. The more I look at things, the more i think that Ramirez is really our best hitter. No runs for the Cubs...still 6-0.

Top 6:
Ok, Ted...time to start throwing something different to Alou next time. Alou just cranked his second homer of the day to cut the lead to 6-2. The mets don't do any more damage and it is 6-2 after 5 1/2.

Bottom 6:
Cubs waste a chance to score. Not a great sign, when the other team has shown a nack for scoring late.

Top 7:
Lilly is owning the inside part of the plate. He struck out Gotay and Milledge with the same pitch. Lilly gets Reyes and it is almost time for Wood to make his return to the Cubs.

Bottom 7: Derek Lee reaches after Milledge whifs on a ball hit to center. Wow, Ramirez strikes out on a close pitch. Cubs can't cash in on the error and it remains a 6-2 lead.

Top 8: Alfonso Soriano gives a moment of doubt, but makes a big catch to retire Castillo for the first out. Damn, Lilly walks his first batter of the day with a walk to David Wright.

Delgado will probably be the last batter that Ted faces with Alou on deck. Ted gets a big cheer after 7 2/3 innings of strong baseball. In next? Carlos Marmol to face Alou. The Mets have two on with two out after Marmol gets squeezed.

Marmol comes up big with a strikeout to end the New York threat.

Bottom 8: The Cubs go quietly in the 8th. Only three outs to go.

Top 9: Looks like no Kerry Wood, but Bobby Howry. Harmless fly ball for out No.1. Howry paints the corner for strike three and the Cubs are one-out away from another win.

CUBS WIN!!! and are back to seven games over .500.