Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good Start, but talk to me in a month

The Cubs started off the 2008 Baseball season with a victory over the Class AA San Fransico Giants. I hope this continues, but I will reserve judgment until a later date.

On the to the Highlights:

Ryan Theriot - The "Riot" turns in a 3-for-3 day and scores three times. If he does that lets say to the clip of a .300 average, we will be just fine.

Kusake Fukudome - The Dome's a perfect 1-for-1, NL MVP here we come....

Felix Pie - The "Pie Maker" is off to a 2-for-2 start with a HR. IF he comes close his potential, we are in very good shape.

Well, we will see what the next day brings.