Sunday, May 06, 2007

A look back

Let me start with saying the Cubs today 4-3 victory would've never happened last season. Why? Because Sweet Lou was thinking about winning in the 9th.
Dusty Baker would've let Ceaser hit for himself and the light-hitting shortstop would've gotten out. It was a gamble that paid off (Lets face it, it was a big gamble.) The Cubs are starting to prove that they want to win, which is something we never saw last year. Everybody did something, including Matt Murton, who had another questionable baserunning play in the 10th.

Regardless, it is a fifth straight win and the Cubs are in second place with the Pirates coming to town starting on Tuesday. Most of us probably won't see it because it is WCIU.

Well, enjoy the rest of the day. Cubs WIN!