Friday, June 25, 2004

Big Weekend

Well now that Carlos Beltran is an Astro maybe the Royals will go on a tear this weekend and help the Cubs by beating the Cards. I know it is probably hopeful thinking but what can I say, I'm a Cubs fan. Plus it helps to see the Rangers in first place after they got rid of their best player and supposedly the best player in the game, so the Royals could be helping themselves out by unloading Beltran. Speaking of the Rangers hopefully they will continue their great season by pounding the Astros. The Reds are playing the Pirates this weekend who are in another slump so far this year. The Cubs are now three games back tied with the Reds from the first place red birds. Houston is five games back and Brewers are 5.5 games back. This weekend could have a huge impact on the season. While the cards are playing the "getting ready for the future" Royals, the Cubs are playing the White Sox who themselves are 2 games back from the Twins in their division. In a tight division such as the central these interleague match-ups could play a huge role on who goes and who stays home for the playoffs. As long as the Cubs get the job done and win at least two out of three from the White Sox then they have nothing to worry about. Let's go CUBS!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The Comeback

The Cubs from behind twice tonight to win the first game against the Cards. The Cubs 5-4 win was very important as they pull to one game behind. Aramis is on a tear right now, so look out.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Tales From Houston

I am back and well rested after my trip from Houston. The Cubs came from behind in both games on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had the good luck to hear the Astros Post Game for my first 2 Hours of my trip home.

Here is what is going on in Astro Country:

-They want Jimmy Williams gone. They think it worked for the Marlins, so why not for them.
-One Caller thinks the Cubs are going to take off and run away with the division. Sounds good to me.
-The same caller thinks it is time for the youth movement in Houston. he thinks that Bagwell and Biggio are well past their prime.
-They are upset with all the DL'd players, but wait is that not us? The host did point out that the Cubs have played well with hurt players and he does not see why the Astros can't play as well.

I am going to finish watching tonights game.

2-0 On the Road Trip

That was a quick trip, but it was a very good. The Cubs came from behind in both games and I left happy. I will post comments later on today after I sleep, because It is now 6:40 AM and I just rolled into town after a 9 hour drive.

I will have to say Ramon is a playing out of his mind and who knew Bako was due for a good game.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Off to the Juice Box

I am headed to Houston for Tuesday and Wednesday's games. Dumb luck that I miss Prior tomorrow, but it will be ok. This will be my second trip to Houston, so my count still holds at 16 of the ballparks. Many of you may know that I am heading to Texas in a few weeks for good.

I am still looking for a job, but hey I am sure it will come. I will post some comments after the game on Tuesday.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

New and Comments

I am watching the game right now and Jim Hendry says that Sammy Sosa will head to AA on Sunday at the latest. Good news for Cubs fans because the Cubs get a little more healthy.

-Kim held up Aramis at third on a double to Lee.
-Lee is really starting tear it up.
-Patterson just was pitched around. The world is coming to an end. He is now Barry Bonds.
-The Cubs again have the bases loaded in the 2nd. Can we get something?
-Sac Fly for Ramon, thats what you get when you walk Patterson.
-Anyone know the offical scoring for the last play in the bottom of the 2nd? 6-3-2 FC?

Well, I will be back later for more comments.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Time For Game Two

The Cubs took a tough 4-3 loss last night, and look to rebound tonight vs Woody Williams. Matt Clement heads to the mound and it should be a good game. The Cubs are still 4.5 games back.

One promising sign(maybe, was Corey Patterson's HR. More after the game.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Prior Day and Patterson Walked!

Sorry about being late, but I had a couple of things to take care of.

For the first inning:
Prior looked very sharp early with nobody getting the ball out of the infield.

Bottom 1st
Patterson again whiffs, but that is no surprise.

2:42 Top 2
Prior strikes out C. Wilson for his first K of the year. I have to say that the curveball to Evil Rob was a good sign. Simon then popped out to end the Pirates half. Overall Prior looks sharp right now. Now can the bats start to talk.

2:52 Bottom 2

Aramis got ahead in the count, but grounded out to Short. Todd reached out and lined a ball to third. The pitch broke Todd's bat. Barrett is 4 for 4 coming in against Fogg. Barrett got ahead 3 and 0 and then belted a double down the line. Fogg has fallen behind a lot of hitters. Ordonez worked the count full before flying out to left.

3:00 Top 3

Ok, this is what we wanted all season. Prior struck out 2 that inning and has yet to show any rust.

3:05 Bottom 3

Prior flys out to center. Walker then lines a ball over Wilson's head for a double. I am in shock as Patterson took a pitch for a ball, but he just popped it out and the score is still 0-0.

3:11 Top 4

Prior blew Kendall away with a fastball, only his 12 K all year. Jack Wilson tried to hit a pitch that was inside and he rolled to third. Ward then popped to first. Prior has 52 pitches through 4.

3:17 Bottom 4

Aramis took a pitch to the wall, but still nothing doing for the Cubs. 0-0 after 4.

Top 5

Well with an 0-2 count Evil Rob ended the perfect game. Good now we don't have to worry about Dusty pushing Mark on his first start.

Holy Cow, Alou throws out Evil Rob on a line. I never thought he had a chance.

Bottom 5

All I have to say is Barrett is my new favorite Cub. He took a huge hit at the plate and then he was running all the way on his pop to right, but it was dropped. Barrett ended up at second. The small things make such a difference. Of course Ordonez failed to lay down a bunt right after that. Tike Redmond made one of the great Web Gems of the year on a hard hit ball off of Walker's bat.

Top 6

Prior struck out his 6th batter to start the 6th. He followed that with another K to Fogg looking. With 74 pitches the bullpen gets up. This could be Prior's last inning. Ordonez booted a ball for an error to let Kendall on base.
Prior ended the inning with another K. He only allowed 2 hits and had 8 K's.

Bottom 6

Lee struck out to start the 6th. Fogg has really looked good today. Corey has worked the count to 3-1. The end of the world is here, Corey Patterson walked. Patterson then stole 2nd. That was followed by one of the most strange run downs ever. Patterson was caught in a run down and avoided the tag by Evil Rob. Aramis gets plunks to load the bases for Todd Hollandsworth. Having the bases loaded scares me a little. It is up to Barrett after Hollandsworth struck out. Nothing doing for Barrett. 0-0 after 6 and Prior can't get the win.

Top 7

Kent Mercker is in after his stint on the DL.

I have to run to work, but it was fun.

Tis the Night Before Christmas

It may not be Christmas Eve, but it sure is close enough for Cub fans. The Cubs have seen enough DL time to last a couple of seasons. Here is the list:

Mark Prior
Mike Remlinger
Mark Grudzielanek
Alex Gonzalez
Kent Mercker
Kerry Wood
Sammy Sosa
Tom Goodwin

Three everyday starters, two Ace pitchers, two relief pitchers and a left handed pinch hitter. Most teams would have folded under this kind of pressure, but the Cubs are only 4.5 games back with a 27-25 record. They have lost some games they should have won, but for the most part are in a great spot heading down the stretch towards the All-Star Break. The Cubs are starting to get healthy at the right time.

Remlinger is already back and it looks like Mercker will return on Friday as well. The key is to stay healthy and gain momentum each week. Mike talked about the game on Wednesday, and the Cubs can't afford any more games like that in the coming weeks. The real season starts with this game. Prior coming back helps things, but it all has to come together to work. I will have a game log tomorrow, so join in and read while I post comments during Prior's comeback game.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

A Wasted Opportunity

Last night's game epitomizes why it has been hard to be a Cubs fan this season. The Cubs go down to Houston 5-3, but realistically should have won handily. The lost opportunities to get runners in to score were numerous. The first that comes to mind was in the 4th. After Alou homered to tie it at 3, he saw 2 terrible pieces of hitting. Patterson struck out in a plain awful AB, followed by Ramon hitting into the 1-2-3 DP. No runs. Fast forward to the 6th. Bases loaded, nobody out. Lee flies out to right, and though we need a run, even I'm happy Wavin Wendall didn't send Alou home to test Hidalgo's arm. Wouldn't have been pretty. The next 2 batters, Patterson and Ramon strike out, with Ramon STRIKING OUT LOOKING WITH THE BASES LOADED. It's no wonder we lost the game after that. I believe in karma, and I knew it was over for the Cubs. A blown call by the first base ump in the 8th, and a double given up by Kyle Farns 44, and it was over.

I have been Corey Patterson's biggest supporter for a few years now. I think the guy has a world of talent. But even optimists have to see the bigger picture. This guy needs a change of scenery, and fast. I think (and am finally the last to come around) that Corey should be dealt to KC in a package for Beltran, if KC is willing. Fact remains that the Royals want a replacement CF and young pitching for Beltran, and we have that. Corey, Angel Guzman, and another pitcher should seal the deal. I'm not trying to fantasize, I just want Corey out of town. He is quickly burning us game after game with his ridiculously long swing and inability to consistently make contact.

Here's to hoping Clement can rebound from last weekend.