Monday, July 24, 2006

Where do we go from here?

The question is in front of Jim Hendry right now. Where do the Cubs go from here? The talks say the firesale will not happen, but I guess that Todd Walker is keeping a travel bag ready for the call any time now.
The Cubs do have some real pieces in place, but the likes of Mark Prior will hold the Cubs back. It is time to start looking at new pitching for the 2007. The Cubs need at least two starters, but I think three starters would be even better. The only stable starter we have is Carlos Zambrano. After that it is all up in the air. Sean Marshall and Carlos Marmol still need some major work. Rich Hill is the proof that a AAAA pitcher does actually exist.

I was reading Phil Rogers today and he suggets that the Cubs could go after Alex Rodriguez. I find it hard to believe, but you never know. I think a player like A-Rod is far from our major problem, but the lack of focus at the plate up and down the lineup. We shall see in the end.

Hopefully I will have more to talk about soon.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Round 2: The Dark Ages are here

So, what do we know about this season so far? Well, for one the Cubs are not very good. I know that is not breaking news, but still the truth is sometimes the best.
I have been on vacation, but I couldn't escape this team even then. THere is no end in sight and it doesn't look like Jim Hendry is going to do anything to help this team. If Dusty Baker must remain the manager, then Big Jim must take away Dusty's toys.

Dusty is like a child, if temptation is there he can't help but give in. There is no other reason for Neifi Perez to be playing, I just can't understand that. Hey, why dwell on that, when we can go ahead and think about things in 2007. Time for some fun and look in the future for the Cubs moves.

Next week - Jim Hendry finally is able to deal Todd Walker for some second rate prospect. Then, Greg Maddux decides to head to a contender and enjoys one last run in the sun. The net on the two trades are three low level prospects that are out of baseball by 2009.

Trade deadline - The Yankees come calling for Mr. Jones and Jim thinks he can save face by getting rid of the contract. Again, another prospect that does not pan out. Jim now will make a big run after Carlos Lee and this gives him the excuse. In a last ditch move, Jim trades Jaun Pierre and people start callling for Felix Pie to be called up.

August - After four deals and 20 loses the Cubs are in last place, but Dusty blames the bad play on the lack of horses again. Mark Prior makes another trip to the DL, this time the Cubs actually release what happens and it is revealed that his elbow is shot and will miss 2007.
A day later, it is said that Dusty Baker will come back in 2007 for one last go round. He will get a two-year extension and we will all be thanking our lucky stars that years ago we became Chicago Cub fans.

September/October - The Cubs finish last and the Detriot Tigers enjoy a World Series.

Off Season - Kerry Wood is brought back with a two year deal that pays him 13 million over the next two years. Hendry says it is to reward his loyality and the mistreatment the Cubs have put him through. All the talk is that Carlos Lee is coming to the Cubs, but he wises up and signs with the Yankees. He gets word that Neifi Perez might actually share time with him, because of his speed.
Hendry ends up signing Matt Lawton out of retirement, but Lawton is caught cheating three months later. The Cubs bring up Eric Patterson to play second, but Dusty says his lake of range will lead to the Cubs going with Perez.

2007 - After losing 100 games again the Cubs finally get wise and fire Hendry and Baker. In a rare move, the Cubs go with Bozo the Clown to run the team. Bozo brings life back into Wrigely for 2008 and the Cubs try and win for the first time in 100 years.

Sorry for the dark outlook, but things are not well.