Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A few notes

I got a chance to catch yesterday's game against the Giants, which was nice. Not only because the Cubs won, but it was my first game of the season to see on TV.

•You have to feel bad for Matt Morrs. Ok, sorry I can't feel bad for Morris, who wasn't helped out on defense at all. The Cubs really shouldn't have scored in the first inning. Even Alfonso Soriano's hit could've been a ruled an error.

• Barry Bonds had quite an adventure in left field. I know it can't be easy with the Arizona sun, but it was quite a site to see Bonds miss two fly balls. He looked like he could've played for the Bad News Bears.

• New rule: No stretching triples for Carlos Zambrano any more during spring training. I about lost my mind seeing Big Z hit the ground and the Cubs are lucky he didn't hurt himself.

• Big Z looked sharp for the most part. He got into a little trouble, but I liked to see him going after hitters. I didn't see many sliders, just mainly fastballs.

• Cliff Floyd hit a couple balls really hard, but I really want to see Matt Murton get his AB's. It will be interesting to see how it shakes up. Of course, if Floyd plays well Jones could be shipped out of town.

• Injuries: Henry Blanco and Derrek Lee both had some issues. While the Cubs could get by without Blanco, losing Lee again would be terrible.

• Jeff Samardzija looked sharp in his couple of innings striking out five. He still needs at least a year in the minors.

• Things I want to see: I wanted to see Soriano get a couple more balls in center field. Also, I want to see a little more of Jake Fox.

Just a couple more weeks and it is time to start the season. I can't wait.