Friday, April 23, 2004

Long Long Week, But it is Almost Over

I am sorry for the lack of posts in the past couple of weeks. I have been really busy trying to Graduate College, which it looks like it will happen now that I turned in my last paper. I have only two weeks left, then I will try to get a job as a journalist.

To the Cubs:

-Todd Walker must play even when Grudzielanek gets back.

-Will Moises Alou ever stop hitting?

-Sammy needs to get in a groove, well speaking of grooves, it looks like Lee is starting to find his.

-Maddux got on track today. I was never worried, nobody can be as bad as Estes.

-Borowski looked much better throwing strikes, but he is topping out around 88 MPH.

-We need to lock Farnsworth up, because he is really turning the corner.

-Can Aramis keep up the glove work? I would like to see less throws to second.

-Overall I am happy with the first couple of weeks. Biggest Shock-Michael Barrett.

Well, that is it for right now. I hope to look inside numbers later.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The Bats Come to Life

Today was a good day for the Cubs. Matt Clement looked sharp in his 6 innings today. Also Todd Walker really turned it on today with Mark out for at least the next 15 days. Aramis hit two home runs, one right after Moises Alou went yard.

Cubs go for two series wins in a row tomorrow. Carlos Zambrano hits the mound and lets hope he is just as sharp as his first start.

Monday, April 12, 2004

On the Road Again....

I feel like I have been around the world in 80 days. Ok, not really, but I have been to the four corners of the U.S. in the past month. I found out early this week that I was going to be in New York this past weekend. I do not mind the NYC, but really I have seen enough of America to last at least the next couple of months. The sad part about this adventure was the fact I was unable to make it to Atlanta to catch the only series their all year. I am sure Scott Lange over at the Northside Lounge kept everyone up to date.

I enjoy New York, but I could never live their. I did get a chance to make it to my fourth Yankees game this weekend. I saw the White Sox pound the Yankees on Saturday. I really think New York needs more pitching to make sure they win the East.

I didn't get a chance to see much of the game today, because of the family Easter stuff, but I did enjoy the Cubs jumping out early. If the bats wake up the Cubs will be very hard to beat.

Well, I am off to bed. I have so much stuff to do this week and hopefully if I can finish my research paper for Journalism 499 things will be better in the world. I graduate in less than a month now.

I am looking for work in the Newspaper field, so anybody out there reading my stuff that has connections drop me a line and we can talk.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Game Log Opening Day

After the quick start, I had to settle down a bit. Today tune back in and also check out the chat going on over at The Cub Reporter right now.

1:13 Hello Corey Patterson as I just log on hits one out of the park. Sosa and Alou both fly out, but a good start 1-0 Cubs going to the bottom half.

1:21 Kerry Wood looks good early, a tough hit off the bag, a good double play by Mark and his first K of the year.

1:28 Nothing doing for the Cubs in the second. Lidle looked much better with his strikeout of Lee. 1-0 bottom 2

1:31 Alex Gonzalez starts his season off with a bang, well not really he had a error. Wood battles back with a K and a double play to end the inning.

1:42 Grudzielanek gets his first hit of the season. Lidle is all over the place this inning. He had a HBP to Patterson and a walk to Sosa. Then a bases clearing double by Alou to put the Cubs up 4-0.

2:00 A past ball by Barrett and then a steal puts Wood in a little trouble. Wood gives up two in the inning after a diving miss by Patterson. He K'd Casey to end the inning. 4-2 Cubs after 3.

2:20 A triple by Barrett to start the inning. Wood gets his first RBI of the year on a chopper to third. 5-2 Cubs

2:35 Wood lets the first two runners on in the 4th. Wood battled back with a K, grounder and a fly out. 5-2 Cubs after 4.

2:42 Nothing doing for the Cubs in the 5th.

2:50 More trouble for Wood in the 5th. A double by Casey makes the game 5-4.

3:00 Two swinging bunts by the Cubs, but no hits. Still 5-4 it looks like a battle of the pens the rest of the way.

3:08 Mike Wuretz looked pretty good in his first Major League Action.

3:14 Grudzielanek gets his second hit of the game, but Patterson bounced into a fielders choice right after that. 5-4 bottom 7 coming up.

3:22 Kent Mercker comes in and sits down the Reds in order. 5-4 to the 8th.

3:32 Dunn drops a pop fly in left that leads to a run by Lee. Barrett singled to put the Cubs up 7-4.

3:42 Farnsworth in for the Cubs in the 8th. He looked sharp with two pop ups and a grounder to third. 7-4 headed to the 9th.

3:52 Terrible baserunning by the Cubs cost them at least a run if not more. A single by Alou leads to a double play.

4:00 Joe Borowski makes it very interesting, but gets the K to end the game. Cubs win 7-4. Kerry Wood (1-0) Corey Lidle (0-1) Joe Borowski Sv(1)

Sunday, April 04, 2004

The Wait is Almost Over......Fantasy Preview

Well, I am back from my world travels over the past two and half months. In that time I have been to about 15 states. both Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico. College Basketball is over and it is time to focus on baseball and start the daily updates here at the Yarbage Cub Review. Look for some stuff from my brother coming up also. I am really excited about this season, so there comes my Fantasy Baseball preview for the Cubs. I know many people have probably drafted already, but this can help just as much.

I will try to update over the next couple of days, but I may have it done later tonight. Also I will be doing a game log tomorrow so check back for my comments on the first game.