Monday, March 20, 2006

Preview coming

Now that four of the greatest days in sports is past us, it is time to start thinking about the start of the 2006 season. Over the next week or so, we here at the YCR will be giving you our 2006 season previews of not only the Cubs, but the entire major league season. From awards to flops, we will try and predict the future.

Stay tuned, first up will be the AL East.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dogs and Cats.........

I always loved Ghostbusters and there was one line that has always taken my fancy.

"Dogs and cats living together mass hysteria." Bill Murray

Why do I bring this up?

That is because the Cubs are in a state of mass hysteria. The Cubs and Todd Walker are going back and forth at each other.
I just can't believe all this mess. We have not played a game and there is too much of this going down.
First Mark Prior and his arm and now this.

Maybe things will improve, but I think "We might have made a big mistake."

Thursday, March 09, 2006

SEC Tournament Day 1

Day one has just started here in Nashville, Tenn. and South Carolina is of fto an early 32-25 lead against Mississippi State. I will try and provide updates throughout the day. Kentucky and Ole Miss are up next.

More later.....

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Tournament Madness

Sorry for the lack of new content, but thanks to Mike, at least we have something here to offer you. It has been real busy at work with the High School Basketball Tournament season. I traveled almost 1,000 miles this week visiting four different State Tournaments here in Arkansas and in all truth there has not been much good to write about the Cubs.
We have the same song and dance as we have seen before and i choose to let it pass right as I have other things taking up my time.
Actually this week I will be covering the Southeastern Conference Men's Basketball Tournament. It is my first big assignment since I have been at newspaper, so I am pretty jacked about it. For you basketball fans, I will try and post some during the event. Until last year, I had been to the last five SEC Tournaments, so it is nice to finally start the streak over.
I will be meeting up with old friends during the week and there is nothing like getting the time to catch up and tell some stories. Well, the YCR will be soon posting their thoughts on the roster and our predictions for the upcoming 2006 season. I am sure there will be some humor among other things.
Take care and get ready to fill out those brackets.