Friday, October 31, 2003

Sammy Stays, but Who Goes

Sammy Sosa remains a Cub today, and who would really turn down all that Money? Not me. A lot of people of soured on Sosa as of late, but I am glad to see him back, because I really do not see us signing Vlad. There are still a few questions left now that all of this has happened.

First is First Base. Who is coming back? Choi? Simon? Karros? Will there be trade for Sexon?
I think Choi could still be a very good 1B, but the Cubs have to give him time. It took Patterson some time before this year.

Speaking of Patterson, how about Center Field? Is John Fogarty ready? I think Corey will be back.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Fox the worst Baseball Network

Just thought I would drop in and say I still alive. I can hardly watch the world series, not becuse of the teams, but Joe and Time are two of the worst play by play men in the business. I am working on an article right now going over the top men in the business that I like. More later, how about those Richie Sexon rumors? Who knows, but I can't wait for the world series to end to get to all the hot stove.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

AC 005996

Well, Not much to say, but I am taking a break. Will post sometimes as the hot stove starts up, but I have to focus on school and getting a job now. It was a fun ride and I hope more of you join the Yarbage Cub Review at a later date. Thanks for all the support everyone in the Cub Blog Army has shown and I would like to say this has been an amazing year. Drop me a line if you need anything. Until then wait till next year.

So I lifted My Media Blackout

Baseball is the greatest game in the world. It is a sport where time does not matter. It is all about outs. Its funny how simple that sounds, but everywhere else you have to deal with the clock, but baseball you have an out. 27 little outs to win a ballgame. The cubs played until 22 last night. I was not going to write anything last night or today, but I could not get away from all the thoughts that have run through my head since last night.

That was the single most worst baseball moment I have ever had. I tried to put things into perspective, but there is none. The Cubs had chances to put it away only to see it gone in a blink of an eye. I talked to my buddy Dan Loflin, the Red Sox fan, and was just as shocked as me. He said be glad that it was not in the World Series. There are no words to explain it, but I tried what else could have been close.

My mother tried to remind me that it is just a game. She is right it is a game, but it still hurts. The Funny thing is that all the pain can be taken away tonight. Forget all what you hear about crushing defeats, but the Cubs are still 27 outs away and Kerry Wood is on the mound. The Cubs are 4-0 in his starts, including game 4's thrilling win. My guess is that Miller and Karros will play against the lefty. The Marlins will probably have Brad Penny and a host of others out the bullpen tonight.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Nothing to say but Kerry Wood.

Monday, October 13, 2003

Hello Sports Fans!

Sorry about the lack of posts over the weekend. I had to run my friend to the Airport, so I did not have time to post yesterday.

First off John Kincaid is a pure genius. He had Aramis in the pick to click and he really came through on Saturday. It was the kind of game that I was never worried about. I sat with my friend John, my brother Justin and of course Scott of the Northside Lounge. I always said I would like a blowout win so I would not have to worry, and well I got it. Driving down the Florida Turnpike Friday, I wished I was at Friday's game. For all the excitement that game had on the radio, it would have been great to see it.

Sunday's game had an odd feel to it. I really wanted to win, but I never thought we would in the back of my mind. I knew Beckett would come out dealing, but I was just hoping it would turn out different. Carlos is still putting the ball up in the zone and it did not hurt him until the 5th.

Am I worried about tomorrow, not really, but in baseball anything can happen. Prior needs to close the door and the celebration begin. I am really tired and I am off to bed as I drove all the way back last night. A nice brisk 13 hour pace from Pro Player to my apartment. That was probably the last game I will get to see in person, because I was unable to score some World Series tickets today.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Off To South Florida

So this time tomorrow I will be in Miami getting ready for games 4 and 5 of the NLCS. Tomorrow my pick to click is going to be.......

Eric Karros

He will get the next two starts because of the left handers on the mound, so I think he is ready for a big game.

The Cub Blog Army will be in full force this weekend as Al Yellon, Scott Lange and I will be attending the games in Pro Player Stadium.

Look for game reports here after the games. Ok, well the Cubs need tomorrows game in a big way and nobody better than Kerry Wood to lead them to a series lead.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

The Cubs scored plenty of runs tonight and now have scored 20 runs in two games, but the series is only 1-1. Game 3 becomes very important on Friday for the Cubs to jump ahead in the series.

It was hard to pick the winner of the pick to click contest, but I have to say


He picked Alex Gonzalez and after two HR's and three in two games, not to mention 4 HR in 3 games.
It could have been Randall Simon, Kenny Lofton, or Sammy Sosa, but tonight it is Alex. For a guy who did not hit during the season he is playing great in the postseason.

I am headed to Miami on Friday with Scott Lange of the Northside Lounge, so there may not be a post on Friday, but if I can find a computer there will be something.

Pick To Click

Ok last night many of the picks to click played well, but nobody wins because of the loss. Scott has chose not to take part in round two. Maybe we should leave pitchers out of the game? I stand pat if you want Prior tonight then take him, but I will stay away from the pitchers. My Pick to Click tonight is......


Get your choice in and maybe you can get a hitter hot.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

You Have To Take The Good With The Bad

What an up and down game. I know when Sammy hit the 2 run bomb that we would win, but Mike Lowell came on and ended that dream. So down 1-0 with Mark Prior going tomorrow. There was a lot of pressure last friday, but Wednesday is a must win game for the Cubs.
Not much to say other than I am ready for tonight. There are already many good breakdowns over at The Cub Reporter. Friends and I will be watching the game on the TV, and I really can't wait until this weekend when Scott, my brother and I head to Miami. I tell you you one thing that the Marlins will not quit. I watched 2 of their postseason games and they play hard. Carlos needs to be calm tonight.

Well this is something I started over in Atlanta, so my Pick to click tonight is......

Mark Grudzielanek

I have a feeling he will be very important to tonights game. Mark was only 3 for 20 in the NLDS. He walked 3 times and scored 2 runs. Hitting in front of Sammy is key tonight. So there you go. If you have your pick to click, then leave it in the comments box and if your player does it then you will get your name published on the site. You can pick a pitcher or batter. Too much time until first pitch.

Monday, October 06, 2003

I Must Sleep and the Southern Cub Blog Army Head South

Last night I have never been so happy. Being at NLDS Win for the Cubs was just a great moment. Now My Brother, Scott of the Northside Lounge and my other friend John Kincaid are headed to South Florida for games 4 and 5 of the NLCS.

Also my friends Jason Reese and Jay Dillon convinced Kyle Farnsworth to throw them a BP ball at the game. Another note Jason was at his first MLB game ever and he is now a Cubs fan. I guess there is always room on the bandwagon.

I got in about 4 this morning and I stayed up and studied for my midterm in English at 11:00 a.m., so now I am off to bed. I will post more later and I am sure my brother will have a few coments.

CUBS WIN!!!!!!!!!

CUBS WIN!!!!!!! Bring it on Florida.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

I Believe......

I watched Bull Durham last night and there a few things I believe in. The number one thing is that the Cubs will win. I could not sleep last night thinking about the game. I joked with my friends saying I was a nervous wreck all day. A big tailgate with Scott Lange of the Northside Lounge should help the nerves a little. There are 15 going from our group today as we sit in the right field seats about 9 rows up. Just far enough to catch a HR off the bat of Randall Simon.

This is the biggest game I have ever been to. I just thought about this, this is my 14th Cub Game to go to. I lost number 13, so now it is back on the winning track. This year I am 2-2 at games. The Cubs split the two in Toronto and the first two agianst the Braves. This will be the third time to see Wood Pitch this year. He spilt the games I saw. He was solo homered to death in Toronto, and you know what happened on Tuesday.

I do not think I have ever been this excited about a game, and now I am just rambling, but I have to go.

I believe.......

Saturday, October 04, 2003

No Mood To Write

I am off to Atlanta in the morning. Not much to say, but I think the Cubs have it tomorrow.
Wood vs. Hampton(On 3 days rest). Being a Cub fan is never easy.

A Look At The Numbers

Good Pitching Stops Good Hitting Right. Coming into the series everybody was picking the Braves, but the Cubs have been great. The Big Story is that the Atlanta Bats have yet to get started other than Giles and DeRosa who are a combined 6 for 12.

Lets look at the Braves main bats.

Gary Sheffield .100 Avg, .308 OBP, .100 SLG, .408 OPS, 0 RBI
Season .330 Avg, .419 OBP, .604 SLG,1.023OPS

Larry Jones .100 Avg, .182 OBP, .100 SLG, .282 OPS, 2 RBI
Season .302 Avg, .402 OBP. .517 SLG, .919 OPS

Andruw Jones .111 Avg, .333 OBP, .111 SLG, .444 OPS, 1 RBI
Season .277 Avg, .338 OBP, .513 SLG, .851 OPS

Javy Lopez .333 Avg, .333 OBP, .333 SLG, .667 OPS, 0 RBI
Season .328 Avg, .378 OBP, .687 SLG,1.065OPS

Also Robert Fick is 0 for 10 in the series. The Cubs pitchers are getting the job done on the Braves hitters so far. The Cubs need to rough Ortiz up early and they will be getting ready for the NLCS. A Look at the Cubs hitters a little later. It seems like the Cubs are hitting their stride at the right time.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Cubs Take 2-1 Series Lead

I start writing this before the game is over, but Jim Hendry's moves to get Aramis Ramirez, Kenny Lofton and Randall Simon payoff in this game. They were all over the place. Kenny stealing a base, Randall driving in two in the first with two outs and Aramis getting an insurance run in the 8th. All these moves paid off.

One of the biggest surprises is the aggressiveness of the Cub baserunners. When Alou steals a base you know they are putting the pressure on the Braves.

Not Sure how this is going to play out, but Prior comes out for the 9th. I am going to do a game log of the Top of the 9th.

10:22 Fick up. 1-0 on a fastball outside. 2-0 now. Prior needs to go after him. Vinny the Cub Killer on deck. Fouled out of play 2-1 now he is at 132 pitches. Popped up. Cubs Win Cubs Win Cubs WIn.

10:20 A. Jones up now as the tying run. Fouls the first pitch off. 0-2 to on a High Fastball.
A nasty pitch to strike out Jones.

10:18 p.m. 1-1 to start Javy Lopez. Strike 2 on the outside corner. Lopez reaches on a WP Strike out. That is twice this series that has happened.

10:13 p.m. Starts him off 1-1, but Borowski is still up. A nasty pitch to move to 1-2. Last time a Cub pitcher pitched a complete game in the Playoffs was 1945. Wild on the 2-2 pitch so 3-2. Chipper grounds to Gonzo, who had a tough time getting handle, but he gets the out.

Lenny Stikes Again

Well, Lenny F. Harris had a chance to win the game for the Marlins, but he popped up. The Marlins and Giants are still tied. Too Bad for Lenny.

Did I Tell You That School is Hard

Sorry about the lack of post about game 2. Not much to say, other than it sucked. I finally saw the replay of the Veres pitch and I am not so mad anymore. Good pitch and just a good hit. Atlanta was really fun, but it would have been nice for a sweep. The only draw back was making up two days of work at school. I had a test on Thursday and I did not get back Tuscaloosa until 1:30 a.m., but I did see the greatest call I have ever seen during the Oakland game. It felt like it was out of Major League or something.

I am ready for Game 3, this is a must win for the Cubs. They need to take the 2-1 series lead or I think it could mean big trouble. I will be watching on the TV. I broke down and bought Game 5 tickets today, just did not want to be left out in the cold if the series comes back. Well, I have to get back to my Emily Dickinson Debate for English Lit. After noon tomorrow it is all about me and the Cubs.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Thoughts From Turner

This is the first time I get a chance to post since the aftermath of Game #1. Scott Lange from the Northside Lounge was there and we had a good time talking baseball, but I think I scared him because of all my talk about the bad things that could happen. Short in the bullpen and so on.

The first three innings of the game I watched from center field, because two in our group were late and they could not find a place to park, but once I finally got to sit down that is when the action started. I go to my seats just in time to see Gonzo and Bako strike out, and then Kerry pop to third. The greatest moment of the night was when Scott's dad leaned over to me and said it would be a good time for a Kerry Wood double. A moment later it happened.

If you read Scott's site you know I called the Simon PH, but after thinking about it I changed my mind. Maybe it should have been Goodwin, and save Simon for Karros later in the game, but no matter the Cubs still won. Farnsworth shook all the demons of year's past to get the final out in the 8th. I am tailgating with Scott today, since I only got there with minutes to spare last night, but I stayed in Atlanta and now I am ready for game #2. There will be no comments until Thrusday since I will be driving back after the game.

Go Cubs!!!