Saturday, July 31, 2004

To Trade or Not to Trade, That is the Question?

Well, the Cubs have yet to deal a player at 9 a.m. cst, but I still believe at least a small move will be made. Dusty was quoted in the Trib saying he thought the Cubs had enough talent. The problem is Dusty keeps trotting K-Gon out there. Alex has become a worse player and just can't find a stroke. I remember three years ago, thinking that it was a good deal to get him. Boy was I wrong.

I always have fun on deadline day, so I will post updates during the day of the deals that go down and deals that are just talked about. Of course my internet has been going in and out for days, so we shall see if it lets me post or not.

I am sure I am not getting the Cubs game on Fox today, so I probably will not get to see the game.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Time is Now

I have had a couple of posts taken up by the blogger Gods, so I hope this works.

A few days now I have been trying to say something, but it has been one of those times in the year that I have had no time. I have been looking for a job, but nobody with a job has been looking for me. I had to move out of my Tuscaloosa home and back to my parents house for a short term move. This has taken up all my time. The big kicker is the fact that they have DISH Network, which does not allow me to watch my MLB Extra innings.

On to the Cubs.

I was unable to see the game, but from what I read it looked like a game that the Cubs had to win. Clement too many times this year has lost those 1-0, 2-1, and 2-0 ballgames. He was lifted up yesterday and it looks like the offense is headed in the right direction. The Cubs now face Ben Sheets and they are 2 games back in the Wild Card. The funny thing is the Cubs have a better record right now, than they did last season at the same point. This fact I find amazing. The Cubs have faced injury after injurt and are still winning ball games. They are in a perfect spot to start making a run and it might start tonight.

I feel that the Cubs will make a move, but I am not sure what they will get. My guess is that Nomar is done, and I feel at least one bullpen arm coming over. I will not be able to watch again tonight, so here is hoping that the Cubs get it done.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

I'm Back

I have been at Church Choir Camp the last week and a half, so there should be an update a little later.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Let it Rain Down

The Cubs win in the rain and still are three games back of the Cardinals. Our old friend Rey Ordonez gets the player of the game honors with a two run home run. I am sure our friend Derek over at Let's Play Two is trying to fix all the K-Chip settings as I am writing this. I am sure tomorrow it will be in place and the real Ordonez will be back.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Trade Winds Part One

I started writing this post this morning, as I pick it back up the Cubs made their first move by trading Jimmy Anderson for Andrew Shipman of the Boston Red Sox. The Cubs also get a player to be named later. Now to the rest of the post.

After last night moves will happen around the league. Brenley is out of Arizona, Boston is headed down hill, and the Cubs are only three back. Last nights game in the Bronx was a real joy to watch, other than the Yankees winning.

The trade winds are really starting to blow, but what is on the Cubs shopping list? Jim Hendry says that the Cubs Baseball Tonight started a little rumor that the Cubs could be dealing with the Red Sox. That may or may not be true, but lets look at a couple of players that Cubs could be looking at.

Cubs need-Relief Pitching, SS. This is a lot less than last season as the Cubs needed pitching, CF, and a 3B. The Cubs made a lot of moves to bring them in. This season again the Cubs need a good hitting SS. Ramon has filled in well and Alex of course has his hitting woes. Of course the Cubs added another soft hitting SS in Rey Ordonez.

What the Cubs have to trade. They have pitching and a 2B to trade. The Cubs have tons on pitching in the minors and with Angel Guzman getting close to the majors, they could part with a starter at the Major League level. Who would this be? Well, the Cubs could trade Glendon Rusch or Matt Clement because both players would be free agents at the end of the year. The other chip the Cubs have is the extra second baseman they have. With Walker and Grudzielanek the Cubs have some wiggle room, but I doubt they trade on or the other. Now lets look at the players on the list.

Starting with Relief Pitching. I believe the Cubs are not as in need as some people think they are. Fist Mike Remlinger has not played much at all this season. Once he is back to 100% then the Cubs pen really takes shape. Farnsworth and Hawkins have both been really solid. Plus they can move Rusch back to the pen once Wood gets back.

I offer a couple of options that the Cubs will look at.

Relief Pitching-

Scott Sullivan. The Royals made a push this year to win their division, but their pitching is still really young and probably a couple of years off. They raised the White Flag last week when they finally dealt Beltran. Sullivan has been a very used arm out the bullpen. From the years 1997-2001 he averaged about 105 innings a year. The last three years he has less innings, but he is still has pretty good numbers.

2004 Stats-38.1 innings, 3-1, 3.29 ERA, 30 K's, .271 avg against.

Ugueth Urbina. He went unsigned during the winter after the last seasons 38.1 innings, 2.81 ERA down the stretch. He finally was signed by the Tigers. The Tigers have been much better this season, but they are still two years off of making a playoff run. The signed a lot of veterans this season to probably trade towards the deadline to aquire a few guns for the next couple of seasons. From my point of view that is the best way to improve a terrible team from a year ago. Urbina proved his worth last season, and still could be very important to a team down the stretch.

2004 Stats-29.0 innings, 3-3, 4.35 ERA 35 K's, .220 avg against.

Jose Mesa- Talk about somebody I don't want to see. Jose has looks a little better this year, but lets not make this move. I guess another call up from AAA Pittsburgh is not out of the question. He only has one blown save all year, but can that last.

2004 Stats- 33.0 innings, 2-0, 18 Saves, 2.45 ERA, .283 avg against.

Part Two Later.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Three back With Sox Coming to Town

The Cubs got a much needed win today with a 10th inning walk off home run by Sammy Sosa. The Cubs took an early lead with good pitching by Mark Prior. This was Prior's longest outing of the year and was unlucky to get the win.

The Cubs gained a half game on the Cardinals and now are three games back. The only problem is that with Carlos Beltran the Astros are very good and he is hitting everything in sight.

Bring on the Sox.