Friday, January 28, 2005

Sosa We Knew You Were Gone

Well, just because I work in the news biz, does not mean I get news first. I did not hear about it until my drive back from a basketball tournament. As it seems now Sammy Sosa is heading to Baltimore for Jerry Hairston and two minor leaguers. It raises a couple questions. Who is in Right Field? Todd Walker, Jerry Hairston, Maggilo Ordonez or somebody else, but we really don't know. We have now lost 74 HR and bunch of RBI with the subtracions of Moises Alou and Sosa.
If we sign a right fielder, where does Jerry fit in? It looks like Walker will have a little more worry about again. Hariston hit .303 last year and has some speed. He looks like the lead off guy the Cubs want.

I am sure the questions will be answered in the future, stay tuned for more later.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

24 Is Rocking

I have not been around lately because of work, but I have to say something about 24 the TV Show. I really loved the show the first two years, and even last season's was ok in mine eys.
The new day of 24 is rocking so far. Non-Stop action through the first five hours and I excited for the 19 hours. The only person I don't like is the Aisha Taylor, former Ross/Joey Fling girl and now super bitch on 24.
If you have never watched it before, go out and get the first three seasons. Then jump on board for day 4 which is great so far.

UPDATE: I started this post in middle of hour five and by the end I was in shock. Run, don't walk and get on the board with this show. I hate I have to wait a week to see the next one.

As for the Cubs, they are still flying under the radar and even though Jayson Stark is saying the Cubs will be trading Sosa, I still do not believe it.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Basketball, Basketball and more Basketball

So high school basketball season is in conference play in Souther Arkansas and I have to say that it has been true fun so far. The past two games I have covered both came down to buzzer beaters and there is nothing more exciting, other than a walk-off Homerun. As for the Cubs, they have really just been real quite and I think there is still something that will happen. If the the roster is set, then it will be our pitching that has to improve for us to win.